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Abriachan, a scattered township of beautiful woodland, crofts and people


sharing passion and knowledge

I believe that a farm is not just for producing goods, but is also a community resource where people can learn about food, fibres and farming.

I love to share my knowledge and passion, so if you are a local school or community group and would like to visit (either in person or virtually) and learn about an element of my practice - please get in touch!

I have done several virtual visits with Tarradale School, and an in person visit with the Abriachan Forest Trust Nursery, but would love to do more of these sessions.  I am working on some curriculum targeted session plans this winter, mainly looking at habitats, food production, wool production and rural context.

For those individuals/families/tourists that would like to come and see what we do, I will be running some trial farm walks and experiences next year, so watch this space!

why I love abriachan...

I am very grateful to farm in this scattered rural community above Loch Ness.  We have a community hall and woodland, with many different activities and events such as live music, stargazing, highland games and ceilidhs.  My neighbouring community forest has a network of trails that many people come to enjoy, and is also where I source firewood and woodshavings.  There is a small boating and wildlife loch.  This is enriching to us all, and I am delighted to be involved in our community milk run, hall committee and the Abriachan Forest Trust.

We are nothing without community - in our ecosystems but also our human communities.  They keep us connected, healthy and thriving - and acknowledging our interdependence for survival is really important.

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