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A farmer does not need to feed the world: we feed ourselves and our community - then the world is fed! 
(or we need more farmers)

Duck and goose eggs available seasonally, get in touch to see what's available here.


March - July


February - May


Fresh hogget and mutton will be available in autumn and winter (and frozen while stocks last) from the achpopuli flock.


Get in touch about ordering or availability here.  



preserved goodies

Seasonal preserved goods including curds, pickles, ferments, jams and cordials will be available once my kitchen facilities are up and running.


Preserving meat with drying and fermenting is something I'm very passionate about - so watch this space for when my recipes and methods are salesworthy!

You are what you eat
(and what you eat eats!)

The meat and eggs we produce not only have a 'terroire' of our landscape and its biodiversity, but also the healthy nutritional profile that they should have.  Pasture-fed meat has been shown to have healthier fat profiles 

All health relies upon a functioning ecosystem, where the necessary nutrients are available to the inhabitants.  So we start with the soil...

The soil is full of micro-organisms and fungi, these help process organic matter, make nutrients available to plants and allow them to trade these and water between them.

Different plants have different nutritional roles, and this changes through the year.  So having a diverse as possible pasture, with diverse hedgerows and pasture trees, means the livestock should be able to find what they need most of the time - and for winter we preserve these forages as hay and tree hay.  They also have year round access to Himalayan rock salt, and batches of seaweed, for minerals.

The ducks also need protein in the form of insects, worms and slugs - these can be found in abundance in the pasture, burns and wetlands.  Over winter and the egg-laying season we give them a handful of stored grains at bedtime too, and they always have free access to shell sand for grit and calcium.


Our pricing reflects the care and attention we give to rearing and managing our livestock, the quality of produce that results from our care, and the investment we make in improving the land. Every purchase you make helps to support tree establishment, nature conservation and a better future for farming.

Vote for the world you want to see with every meal you eat!

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