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Regenerative farming actively seeks to improve the environment and ecosystems which it both supports and relies upon.  This helps wildlife and biodiversity and the natural cycles restore themselves - to find balance once more.

want to be a 'regenetarian'?

Supporting regenerative agriculture means that the meat, eggs and fibre you purchase from us - and other regenerative farmers - will not only be delicious, sustainable and nature-friendly, but will also facilitate soil, watershed, ecosystem and livestock health.

Feel good about what feeds you!



storage with ponds, pooling ditches, blocking drains; slowing movement with contour hedges and swales, trees and scrub

water cycle

mob grazing, deep rooting plants, biodiversity, agroforestry, ground cover, decrease medication to maximise invertebrates, 

no cultivation

carbon cycle

mob grazing, composting (including humanure!), mulching, silvopasture, no chemicals, no cultivation, taking on others waste

nutrient cycle

mob grazing, seeding under foot, home grown plug plants, local seed and cutting collection, patchwork habitats including blanket bog, heath, pasture, hedges, woodland, riparian areas, orchard, food forest

why regenerative farming?

Since I realised I wanted to farm, my main goal has been to leave my little patch better than it was when I found it.  

The human species has inflicted so much damage to our surroundings through haste, greed, apathy. We've lost connection to the land, the cycles, our ancestors - we've forgotten things can be truly sustainable.  But I don't want to just sustain what is present, I want to return it to its former glory - or at least make a small contribution to that.


Before sustainability, comes regeneration. I believe that when you feel connected and understand different natural processes, your gut will tell you what is right.  For instance, I could never use pesticides, it would feel so wrong - violating the surroundings I cherish.  However it's also good to have guiding principles for things I don't yet understand, have not yet gained wisdom about, or had time to observe.  Regenerative agriculture gives me that framework.

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