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ACHPOPULI knitted hot water bottle

This colourful, hand-knitted hot water bottle is perfect to warm up with - the wool insulating the hot water bottle but still letting plenty of heat out.


This yarn is from the Shetland fleeces of my Achpopuli Flock, spun in Yorkshire, then naturally hand-dyed with plants by Loch Ness Knitting.  You can see the gorgeous variations in tone through the yarn.  The cover is designed and hand-knitted by my mum, with the spout easily accessible, but also a flap for removing the bottle when needed.


My sheep are purely pasture-fed, converting all the vegetation she eats into energy and fibre - and this sequestered carbon, wonder product will keep you cosy for years to come! And the hot water bottle is made from Fairtrade natural rubber - as sustainable as we can get!

ACHPOPULI knitted hot water bottle


Wool - handwash only and dry flat

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