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AMA felted hot water bottle

This wet felted, natural lock hot water bottle is super cosy to snuggle in with, and the insulation of the wool will keep that bottle hot for hours!


Ama is one of my pure Shetland home-bred ewes, with a beautifully soft fleece - the texture preserved with this special felting method.  Ama was born in my second lambing season here, short for 'Amatus' or 'the loved one' as her sister Purdi was rejected while Ama was doted on.  She is quite reserved but will occasionally come over for a scratch or a nosey!  She has been purely pasture-fed her whole life, converting all the vegetation she eats into energy and fibre - and this sequestered carbon, wonder product will keep you cosy for years to come!


The fastenings are metal snaps, sewn with yarn from Judith Glue, and the hot water bottle is made from Fairtrade natural rubber - as sustainable as we can get! 

AMA felted hot water bottle

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