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Large woven table coaster

This table coaster has been peg loom woven using various fleeces from my flock and Twool warp.  Suitable for pots, pans and dishes, and will protect your surfaces from heat damage.


The different colours and textures come from different sheep, I try to showcase the character of the fleece in the finished weaving.


Socks is a moorit (brown) Shetland tup - so he has a distinctive musky aroma to his fleece, too strong for some!

Jigsaw is a katmoget Shetland X ewe, with beautiful tones of grey and a bouncy feel.

Ja'mie is a white Shetland X ewe - she is Jigsaw's mum.  A smooth bouncy fleece with a tiny touch of black.

Caddy is a white Shetland X ewe, with a curly and soft fleece.

Saskia is a black Shetland X ewe, with a coarse fleece flecked with browns and greys.

Babs is a white Shetland X ewe, with a soft tufty fleece


All my sheep are pasture-fed in our little hanging vally, so their fleeces are just vegetation converted into fibre - and you can use this handy, carbon-sequestering wonder product for years to come!

Large woven table coaster

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