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LUDO pure achpopuli bobble hat

A hand-knitted hat using our own Clan Roxy yarn (spun as a small batch in the Border Mill)  - with a natural lock bobble handcrafted with fleece from Ludo, with her soft caramel browns.  Fits small-medium adult heads.


Ludo is a Shetland, my first homebred brown ewe, with varying autumnal tones in her soft brown/blonde fleece.  She is pasture-fed in our little hanging vally, so her fleece is just vegetation converted into fibre by her clever body - and this cosy, carbon-sequestering wonder product will last for years to come, perfect for passing down the generations!


This is a natural, hand-made product, and there may be variations in the yarn, or small pieces of vegetable matter present.


100% wool, handwash only, do not tumble dry

LUDO pure achpopuli bobble hat

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