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SHAGGY hand muff

This soft and stylish muff keeps your hands toasty while out and about, but easily free to deal with any tasks.  Triple layered with inner 'Zac' natural locks for soft warmth, wet felted to 'Betty' layer for structure and warmth, and then an outer layer of needle felted 'Shaggy' natural leg locks, to finish off with a glamourous touch.


Shaggy is a Shetland X ewe, she has a beautiful shaggy fleece; Betty is a Shetland, with soft, crimped fleece good for wet felting; Zac is a Shetland cross with a shorter staple but soft crimped fleece.  My flock are purely pasture-fed, converting all the vegetation they eat into energy and fibre - and this sequestered carbon, wonder product will keep you cosy for years to come!


The sewing is with yarn from Judith Glue, and the strap made with plaited tweed offcuts, so this is a 100% wool production. 

SHAGGY hand muff

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