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Skincare set

Handmade with all natural ingredients: home-reared pasture-fed tallow, lanolin and essential oils/flower absolutes.  


This set is great to treat yourself or a loved one, and comprises:

- everyday moisturing balm

- intensive slave, for moisture and protection

- moisurising and protective lip balm

In scents of your choosing.


Achpopuli 100% pasture-fed tallow is full of nutrients, and the healthy fats are very compatable to our skins sebum, so is absorbed well, with Vitamins A, D & K, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.


Lanolin is an excellent emmolient, reducing skin's water loss by as much as 20-30%, and contains cholesterol similar to the cholesterol our skin naturally produces - which is why lanolin is so good for human skin.


The essential oils and absolutes all have additional properties, please see the previous page for details and a skincare guide.


Best kept at room temperature for ease of application.  If cold, warm gently with your hands.



Skincare set

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