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If you have a bit of freezer space and would like a selection,

boxes contain a mix of chops, roasts and stewing meat

(preferences catered for where possible)

small box £40
large box £80


Some people have told me they're a bit unsure how to approach hogget and mutton and what's best to cook with what - so I thought I'd share some ideas from mine and my customers favourites!


family favourites

Mince is a brilliant staple, easily transformed into all those yummy favourites: mince and tatties, lasagne, meatballs, shepherds pie, spaghetti bolognese...

Sausages can complete toad in the hole or a casserole.  Diced shoulder makes DELICIOUS curries and stews.  Have I missed one of your favourites?

quick and easy

Cuts like loin and rib chops are beautifully tender and can be done fast and served pink.  The hogget can take a bit of extra flavour too, as it is stronger than lamb.  Perfect for the barbecue, spiced and put under the grill or seasoned simply and pan fried - quick and versatile!

Leg steaks are wonderfully flavourful - from all that running around!  You can serve as a steak, slice to put through a stir fry or make an epic steak sandwich!

And of course there are always sausages and burgers for an easy and satisfying meal, or whip up a sis kebab with some diced shoulder.


low and slow


Hogget and mutton, with their deep, intense flavour, make incredible winter dishes.  Meat on the bone will provide a really unctuous flavour to stews, ragus and sauces.  Neck and shanks are good small and economical options, while whole shoulder gives a much bigger option.

Rolled and diced shoulder are easier mid size options, and don't have to be confined to winter.  One of my favourite shoulder recipes is slow roasted then shredded (like pulled pork) - serve in a roll with salad in summer, and with roasted veg in winter!


A traditional roast leg with garlic and rosemary is hard to beat, served pink with some roast veg - then enjoyed through the week in sandwiches!  But you can jazz it up with a different spice blend like ras-el-hanout, or slow roast it greek style as is one of my customers favourites.  Another does it slow over the barbecue served with salads - so there's lots of options!

Roast joints like trimmed rack, rolled loin and loin fillet are perfect for special occasions with a smaller group.  These are all from the most tender part (the beef fillet of the sheep world) so can be served pink and succulent.  Loin fillet is very lean so take care not to let it dry out.  Don't worry about the fat on the others - that adds loads of flavour and keeps it moist!  (and as it's pasture fed full of nutrients too!)


Mutton loin can be marinated or done lower and slower but still enjoyed pink with a more punchy flavour.  


feeling fancy


Sometimes it is really nice to indulge with an intricate homemade dish.  Mince provides so many options - my favourite is scotch eggs from scratch, my friend loves making steamed dumplings, then there are samosas and ravioli too.  Hogget makes a great base for all of these!

You can also make your own jerky and biltong from leg steaks - preserved to be enjoyed at leisure  (though mine never last very long!). 

Whats your favourite DIY indulgence?

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